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Common Home Water Problems

Clean Water

Hard Water

Hard water is responsible for drying our your skin and making your hair brittle. As well as being the culprit behind soap scum in bathtubs and showers and spots on faucets, fixtures and dishes. It also causes scaling in appliances and water heaters, reducing efficiency, causing expensive repairs, high operation costs and premature replacement.

Rotten Egg Smell

Here in Florida we are all familiar with that ubiquitous rotten egg smell. This is hydrogen sulfide, often caused by the metabolism of a non-harmful bacteria called sulfate reducing bacteria. It can also be caused by hydrogen sulfide gas that is caused by a natural chemical reaction in deep wells. In some cases the odor comes and goes, building up while the water sits and flushing out with use. In other cases it is constant and overwhelming.

Chlorine Taste or Smell

Not only are the taste and smell of chlorine unappealing, it can also dry out your skin and hair. Chlorine is used to disinfect the municipal water supply, but it should be filtered out before you use it to eliminate these effects.

Yellow or Rust Stains

When iron is present in levels of 0.3 PPM or greater, it may cause yellow or rusty stains in sinks, toilet bowls and on clothing. Also when the pH of your water becomes too acidic it can cause blue/green or rusty stains and corrosion and may eventually corrode plumbing fixtures and water using appliances, necessitating their repair or replacement.

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